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Ideal Strap 2 for Lava Me 3 (Black)

Ideal Strap 2 for Lava Me 3 (Black)

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Product details of Ideal Strap 2 (For LAVA ME 3) with Locking Mechanism


The Ideal Strap featuresupgraded auto-lock design,comfortable cushioned belt andpremium material.Portable, durable and reliable,it offers exceptional support foryour performance.

Classic Colors,Fresh Look

An ideal match for your LAVA ME 3,the strap features a glazed finish in black or white,adding an extra touch of style to your guitar.

Auto-lock Design

Attaching and detaching is made easy. With asimple slide, the lock clips automatically to thestrap button.

Enhanced Reliability

Spring-loaded, retractable clamps keep thestrap securely locked to the guitar, giving yougreater peace of mind to play with confidence.

Play withComfort

Made with flexible, nonslip, and resistantsynthetic leather, the cushioned strap feels gentleon your shoulder, allowing you to enjoy hours ofcomfortable playing.

Adjustable Length

With an adjustable length from 102-148cm,you will easily find the perfect playing height.

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